Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Fees, Thanks!

May 2, 2011
Laddie Smith, President
Murray Sand Company, Inc.
Summerville, SC

Murray Sand Company, Inc. of Summerville South Carolina is a local bulk aggregate and fill material hauling trucking company.

Murray Sand Company, Inc. also is in the mining business operating fill dirt pits in Charleston and Beaufort Counties.

In 2006 Murray Sand Company, Inc. purchased a Caterpillar 330 CL Excavator equipped with a medium length stick and a 3 ½ yard bucket. We also had FQS Bear Equipment install the Groeneveld auto lubrication system.

To this date our machine has approximately 9,000 hours on it, and we have not had to replace a single pin or bushing on the entire machine.

The Groeneveld Auto Lubrication System in fact reduces down time, lowers maintenance and repair costs as well as gives piece of mind that this particular machine is being greased.

Thanks Groeneveld and FQS Bear Equipment.