Safety is our number one core value at FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. We are constantly working to help our customers achieve a safer work environment through the many products we offer.

We realize that the prevention of incidents and the achievement of safe work practices are of tremendous importance. Of equal importance is our responsibility to provide safety products to help our customers keep the safest conditions for both the health and welfare of their employees.

Quality equipment helps ensure that your employees are provided the safest possible access to their work. Onsite training is available with any safety equipment we install to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment and so your operator is fully educated in how to operate the product.

Everyone benefits through a safer, more productive job site.

Types of Safety Equipment

FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. strives to keep our customers safe and provide the highest quality of product on the market. Our cameras are a great life saving tool on the jobsite. The rear blind spot is a huge problem on commercial vehicles, regardless of application type. The majority of reversing accidents occur off the road (loading bays, lorry parks, private roads, quarry sites, warehouses etc). With the products we offer, we can definitely help your company stay safe from these unfortunate incidents. We know how important safety is on and off the jobsite and will be happy to assist you with your safety needs.


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This is especially true for heavy duty vehicles, where the operator’s blind spot can be on the side, in the back, or even directly in front of the vehicle in the case of mining haul trucks.

Whether you are operating a light duty vehicle in a residential neighborhood or a triple-axle articulated haul truck in a mine, there is at least some area that cannot be seen from the driver’s seat. According to NIOSH, more than half of vehicle related accidents in the business sector are due to blind spots.

Of course, not all blind spots are created equal. A driver operating an off-road excavator on a mine faces different obstacles and blind spots than the obstacles faced by the operator of an on-road bucket truck sent out in a storm to bring power back to thousands of customers.

That is why we offer a broad range of radar systems that work specific to your industry, vehicle, obstacles, and work site conditions. This isn’t your automotive-grade SUV backing aid. The PreView Radar system is machine-grade, serious technology. It’s your SUV’s backing aid on steroids.


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