(This service is not available in all areas.)

FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. can add air conditioning to virtually any truck, bus or construction equipment in your fleet. In addition, all of our systems are installed at your place of business or job site. Our mobile installation means your equipment has almost no downtime or lost productivity. Of course, all warranty and service work is also performed using mobile service vehicles.

The experienced staff of FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. will recommend air conditioning systems that will meet your needs economically, effectively and reliably. Our skilled technicians will install your system using durable components that meet the highest industry standards. Most importantly, we back our systems with a strong warranty program and mobile service.

FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. performs air conditioning repairs on virtually any machine. We have repaired air conditioning systems in train locomotives, farm tractors, dredges, cranes, semi-tractors, logging machinery, and a wide variety of construction and mining equipment. With this much experience, you can be sure we have the skills to service the air conditioning on all the equipment in your fleet.


We offer air conditioning systems from JBar, Red Dot, Arctic Wolf, DTAC, Vision Air and Sanden. These suppliers offer complete systems, components and aftermarket, as well as original equipment-style systems. Our access to many suppliers, combined with our years of experience, allows FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. to specify the best system for your application.



FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. technicians are the best in the business. Our installers are highly trained and have logged thousands of hours installing and servicing truck, bus and off-road air conditioning systems. The skill level of our installers insures that an air conditioning system from FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. will be installed right the first time, every time.


Each year we provide many hours of training to our installers. Studies show that using well-trained technicians will reduce your air conditioning service costs substantially per year. We are committed to keeping our technicians on the cutting edge of the transport and off-road air conditioning industry. We also provide class room and shop floor instruction to construction and trucking companies throughout the region.


We have worked with the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) to develop a 59-point air conditioning service checklist. This checklist ensures that all elements of an air conditioning system are inspected and properly evaluated.


We are committed to customer convenience, and nothing is more convenient than having installation work performed at your location. Our mobile service vehicles are outfitted with generators, air compressors, welding and cutting equipment, hose-making equipment and a full tool crib. With our mobile service vehicles, our technicians can perform complete installations anytime, anywhere.


FQS Bear Equipment, Inc., with corporate offices in Lexington, South Carolina, maintains satellite operations throughout the Southeast. These multiple locations give us easy access to customers in all parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida.


Preventative maintenance from FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. The benefits include less time, easier to budget for, and they save money.

Preseason maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance of your air conditioning unit. It can help to avoid failure in severe hot or cold weather, when you need it most.

Don’t wait for a hot summer day to find out that your air conditioning is not working!

FQS Bear Equipment will perform a 33 point heat & AC system check completed at your location*.

We will complete the following specific maintenance items:

  • Remove the old refrigerant from the system
  • Check for system leaks (using vacuum and/or pressure testing)
  • Replace drier
  • Inspect hoses, tubing, and connections
  • Inspect compressor, compressor mount, drive belts and clutches
  • Inspect and clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Inspect fans and clutches for proper operation
  • Inspect electrical connections and control mechanisms
  • Inspect air filters, if any
  • Replace refrigerant with properly measured charge
  • Check outlet temperatures

*Air conditioning repairs and inspections are limited within our servicing area, please call for details and restrictions.


Since 1997, FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. has been committed to our customers. Offering quality products and specialized service has helped us grow into a reputable service provider of air conditioning systems for off road and on road equipment.

Today, FQS Bear Equipment, Inc.’s support extends beyond quality products, reliable service and delivery. We also understand the demands of our customers for fast and efficient service to keep their employees comfortable and safe with minimum “down” time interfering with the production they need in order to stay competitive.

FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. services and repairs cab air conditioning units enabling operators to work in a cool and safe environment. We provide regular air conditioning maintenance to prevent “down” time of the machine. Our skilled technicians have over twenty years of experience to bring to you with a “do the job right the first time” attitude.

FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. operates in industries such as Forestry, Construction, Mining, Railway, Farming and Transportation. With our knowledge and skilled professionals, we can install and custom fit A/C systems to solve any of your climate control needs.