We can customize and install a fire suppression system that works for you. Our staff has over 30 years of vehicle fire protection experience and we offer a system for every industry; no matter how hostile your equipment environment. The right fire suppression system has saved some of our customers a substantial amount on their insurance costs.


A suppression system installed on your equipment without providing the periodic inspection is only half a system. We offer the required periodic inspections, maintenance and recharge service for all of the fire suppression systems we sell and install. We provide the peace and mind and responsive service you need to keep your fleet running safely.


FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. offers on-site training for your operators to help ensure the highest level of protection and system reliability.



Every year people are severely injured, and heavy equipment is lost due to fire. While there can be no price placed on the loss of a life, we have found that our fire suppression systems save our customers thousands of dollars in lost equipment, fire damage repairs and lost in-service time. For example, even a minor fire incident can cost well over the initial cost of installing one of our fire suppression systems.


Automatic detection is an integral part a complete fire suppression solution, saving valuable time and helping to avoid operator error. The type of detection used varies from system to system.

Vibration resistant sesnsors are one form of detection available. Once the sensor closes the electrical actuator is initiated, which then activates the system. The detection system is powered by the equipment’s power supply and no additional battery is required. Linear wire and IR detection options are also available.

The circuit monitor panel is used to monitor the power supply, detection loop integrity, and electrical actuator firing circuit. Audible and visual alarms are present along with operator controlled delay functions. By using solid state components, we have designed a monitor that withstands even the most abusive environments.

Due to the harsh environments in which heavy equipment operates, a stored pressure fire extinguisher can easily lose pressure or become compacted. If either of these conditions occur, the system may not discharge.

That’s why our systems use a side-cartridge design to reduce the risk of pressure loss or compaction.

The agent is stored in a non-pressurized tank, and a separate cartridge contains the compressed nitrogen gas. In the event of a fire the system is actuated automatically upon fire detection, or manually by the vehicle operator. The actuation releases the compressed nitrogen and the tank is briefly pressurized to discharge the agent.

In addition to being more reliable, the system can be easily serviced in the field and requires no special tools.

The system is widely known for its rugged stainless steel construction, designed to be as sturdy as the machine it is installed upon. Stainless steel tubing provides a clean and organized appearance that places the nozzles in fixed positions to best reach fire hazards without interfering with routine maintenance and operation of the machine. Once installed, the tubing is nearly maintenance free. Maintenance crews can avoid the time consuming hose replacements due to dry rotting and unlike hose, tubing does not tangle or intertwine among the many hydraulic lines.

Nozzles deliver broad distribution of the dry chemical agent, creating a “total flooding” system. A spring-loaded, hinged cap prevents clogging and makes old style “blow-off” caps obsolete.

Together, the stainless steel tubing and specialized nozzle provide a low maintenance, rugged, distribution network that guarantees efficient discharge of the fire suppression agent. It is no wonder so many heavy industries prefer our design.

Here you can find a list of useful manuals for Fire Suppression related systems.

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