FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. provides operator training for the fire suppression systems after installs on new machinery and when we are out doing inspections throughout the year. Our technicians are trained to help the operator understand their part in keeping the fire suppression system working at its potential. Our technicians will go over the daily checklist that the operators need to be going over to make sure the fire suppression system is operational. In some of the applications that heavy equipment is ran, you must make sure that you have the correct lights on the panel and the fire system is armed and ready to protect before starting to work. The training will let your operator feel comfortable with the system and find out any do’s and dont’s of having this system on their machine. They will be shown how to discharge the systems in the case of an emergency. These are all life saving tools when a fire starts on a machine. We are dedicated to protecting your employee and machine for the lifetime of investment.


FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. offers several DVD training videos for the different manufactures we represent. We are happy to get these out to your location for you to use during safety meetings or for new employees. We are dedicated to keeping our customers informed and up to date with all the new information that we have to offer. Please click below to request a training video. Please specify which system that you have on your machinery in the subject line.

We offer:

  • Vehicle Systems Operator Training
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

If you have any suggestions or questions about training videos, please contact FQS Bear Equipment, Inc.



FQS Bear Equipment is dedicated to making sure that operators and the mechanics on site understand how our Groeneveld systems work. Our technicians will fully explain the system along with making sure that the customer is aware of how to refill the pump. We are really pleased with our grease systems and always are available for any questions about these systems.


FQS Bear Equipment has Groeneveld training classes throughout the year. We will have them at customer’s request at their location and we have classes set up at centralized locations to help customers in the area be able to send their mechanics. We have the manufacture’s specialists and engineers there to help answer all questions pertaining to the Greasing systems. They give out hand outs and go over the pumps to explain error codes and how to troubleshoot any issues. This information is really valuable to FQS Bear Equipment because when you call in for a repair, you can explain the problem and we can be prepared when we arrive at your site and know what the problem is. This saves time and money for our customers. After completing the training class, you will be given a certificate of participation for attendance.

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